Friday, June 20, 2008

The Problem with Blogging...

At least for me - is if you take a sabbatical or go on a WalkAbout it is very hard to come back into the blogging fold.
I feel an obligation to 'splain my absence as well as catch you up on the happenings in my life.

so here goes the Catch Up Entry....

  • Bon Jovi concert was excellent - GREAT seats!
  • The right guy won American Idol - Serious Mrs. Robinson fantasy running through my mind.
  • Have a new litter of kittens. Now trying to keep the kids from killing them
  • Kids are out of school - Sam is already in MS with Grandparents and currently en route to Disney World with her Grandmother and baby sitter.
  • The grass needs mowing
  • I had shoulder surgery three weeks ago today and my whole d*mn arm still hurts.
  • My Mom came and took care of me. I love her anew!
  • Had something good happen for me at work - not adding details - but made the last few HORRID months of work seem not so horrid.
  • Had something bad happen at work - some long time colleagues were laid off last week. Always sucks.
  • Relisting our house on Monday to sell so that we can move closer to Dallas (and Sam's school)
  • Have done TONS of work on our place - almost too nice to leave now.
  • Monthly gas cost are in excess of $850. Must move closer to town...
  • The house that we really like for moving into is on the same street as a registered sex offender.
  • Would you move there? Does it matter what the sex crime was - hubby seems to think it does.
  • I do not feel any remorse for my opinion that all sex offenders are vile evil creatures.
  • My husband was fired for apparently no good reason.
  • Was unemployed for almost two months. I work from home. We spent a lot of time together.
  • I discovered I am not looking forward to retirement.
  • He is now gainfully employed at a job he REALLY wanted with outstanding benefits.
  • For the first time ever, there were measurable improvements for Sam in her end of year testing.
  • Shortly after my surgery Sam ate 40 cherries, pits and all. Cherry pits are toxic. Hubby and Grandmother took her to the ER. Cherry pits are only toxic if they are pulverized. She is fine.
  • Savvy and Smith came down with Strep within five days of my surgery.
  • I had to go to the ER twice after surgery - without going into detail - I will say that no one reminded me pre-surgery that taking narcotics for several days will, er, um - stop up the plumbing.
  • Au pair leaves in September (Sob!) trying to figure out if we can actually afford another one. (hubby took measurable pay cut with new dream job)
  • Have read about 12 books already this summer. James Patterson (trying to catch up on all the Alex Cross series) and Anita Shreve top my favorites.
  • Saw the latest Indiana Jones film. I enjoyed it primarily for the nostaglia of it. If I had never seen the other three (as a kid) I prolly would not have liked this one very much...
  • Au Pair's parents came over for a visit and we had a fabulous time with them.

Okay - I am out. That's it. I (you) are pretty caught up now.

We can now return to regular programming.