Monday, March 10, 2008


I have been walking around since I got back from Houston yesterday patting myself on the back.

Seriously. As if I did something spectacular...

I am so proud of myself for having such unbelievable girlfriends.
I mean I am good. DAMN good at choosing top-notch, high quality, genuine, could-not-do-better-if-i-custom-ordered GF's. I have written about girlfriends before. I am just in awe of how meaningful these relationships can be!
(Read this - it's old and I promise 90% of you have never seen it.)

My friend T in Houston has a beautiful home and is a wonderful hostess. She heated up the pool and hot tub for us. (I have to quit typing every few seconds to scratch the sun burn on my back...)

My friend R lives here in Dallas - though we rarely get to see each other - we drove down and back together. It's the shortest four hour drive EVER when we travel it together.

Our friend S lives in Toronto and she flew in for the occasion. I am so flattered that she would go to all that trouble to be with us.

We have all worked together at the same company over the past twelve years and have a lot of the same business associates. Common experiences. Have traveled together - as a group and in pairs - on endless business trips and conventions.
Oh, the war stories we tell...
And those that we don't. (grin)

The really cool thing - to me - is that professionally - these women have all at one time or another acted as a mentor to me. Sometimes unknowingly. But all are phenomenally talented, composed and SUCCESSFUL in their jobs. I have observed them in action over the years and taken so much from them that has added to my own professional accomplishments.

the bonus - not only are they exceptional professionally - they are outstanding women on a personal level as well. compassionate, witty, fun-loving, passionate, accepting and so on and so forth...

Please, someone, tell me - how does it get any better than that?

so anyway - i am pretty button-popping pleased with myself today.
I did a damn fine job of picking out my girlfriends!

on a more humble note - I am most grateful they chose me too. I aspire to add as much to their lives as they do to mine!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


being 40 ain't near as bad as I thought it would be

It's snowing at my house for the second time this week

i am addicted - ADDICTED - A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D to American Idol - it is the highlight of my week.

I hate getting up every morning because I am so very unhappy with my work. (I am being as politically correct here as I can on the off chance that someone from my work reads this...)

I work with some really wonderful people and few grumpy old farts that pretty much spoil it for the rest of us.

i am sick to death of working from home and spending 20 hours of every day in the same room. i feel like a cave woman. Especially since the hubby unscrewed all the can lights except the one over my desk to save money.

Going to spend the weekend in Houston with three beautiful, exciting, intelligent, fun loving girlfriends that I don't see near often enough!

we are taking salsa lessons Saturday night.

Oh, and how about this NONrecession we are in. nothing like paying $3+ for a gallon of gas and $5 for a gallon of milk.

having surgery at the end of the month to have my rotater cuff (shoulder thingie) repaired. I have heard it is very painful. I am really looking forward to that. NOT!

A dear childhood friend has a recurrence of cancer. it appears to be serious.

and the beat goes on...