Thursday, April 24, 2008

it's official - America is tone deaf

i know - don't start on me - i should get a life.
get out more
write about something socially relevant
or mildly entertaining even.

but get this people - i don't get out.
i am not getting a life anytime soon.
and i am DONE with the american idol voting public.

I was down right shocked when Michael Johns was cut two weeks ago. He was a shoe-in for at least the top four. He has real talent. I will be one of the first to buy his CD. but I never personally voted for him. so I had no one to blame but myself.

last night really PISSED me off.
The top two performers of the week in the bottom two.

seriously people - what is this? senior superlatives all over again? This popularity contest masquerading as a talent competition has got me in a complete tizzy (or couldn't you tell?)

and how does yawning on camera or crying every week and flubbing your lyrics make you more popular than people that can sing AND perform! Who is this fan base voting for such nonsense?

sincerely, i like all the top six contestants. They are all likable. All are talented to some degree. But as far as who performed the best on Tuesday night versus who was in the bottom two on Wednesday night -

And I did vote for Carly. for the last several weeks. many times.
Therefore I have earned the right to bitch, sulk and complain.

This is me.
and Complaining.

on another note and perhaps contributing to my sullen mood...
after my PC got a virus, I did. Sinus infection leading to an ear ache.

I have not had an ear ache in 25 years at least.
Fluid behind the eardrum - can't hear well kinda junk. 10 days of antibiotics and three weeks later - my hearing is still not back to normal.

and let me just say this - PMS ain't got nothing on ear aches for cranky, irritable, bad moods. I have hardly been able to tolerate myself.

and I was starting to feel better - until last night.
back to bitchy...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

public service anouncement

If you get an IM from a coworker that you rarely - if ever - IM with and the content says something like this "WOW! Is this really you?" followed by a geocities link


And when I say Trust Me On This - I mean TRUST ME ON THIS DAMMIT!

I have been infected. First time ever...

on a MUCHO GRANDE scale with the variety of the Vundo Trojan thingamagig.

McAfee cannot fix it - not the last time I talked to my internal IT helpdesk anyway.

I love you all - but I do not want to talk about it.