Tuesday, July 29, 2008

seriously had to write this down

Every once in a blue moon do I have an experience or hear something that just MUST be blogged. This is one of those...

At my hubby's new job he works with a man from Liberia. It has been interesting to see Americans through his eyes.

During orientation my hubby was sitting by him and probably to some extent goaded him on....

The speaker was explaining the company's wellness program. After a few statements, Ahbed raised his hand. He says, "You mean to tell me that you are going to pay people to eat right and exercise?"
the response, "Yes."
Ahbed, "That's crazy. You should eat right and exercise because you want to be healthy."

He went on to ask if the company had told the employees at the light rail shop about this plan because "there are some seriously fat people over there."

One day at lunch we realized how carelessly Americans use the English language. Someone on their team made the comment "I'm starving."
This really set Ahbed off...
"You people do not know starving. In my country, Starving IS Starving."

I love that.
No wonder people see Americans as fat and lazy....

chew on that a while.