Saturday, April 04, 2009

you don't say

so I am brushing and braiding Savvy's hair last night.
She tells me that her friend 'Suzie' tore her paper doll on the bus.

me - "I am sure it was an accident."
her - "Nope. She did it on purpose. She bullies me on the bus."
me - "Really???!!!"
her - "Yeah - she said I was as stupid as a rock."
me - "seriously????"
her - "Yep."
me - "Did you tell Mr. John?" Mr. John being the bus driver.
her - "No, Suzie lies a lot to get out of trouble."
me - "Did you say anything mean to Suzie?"
her - "No. Never."
me - "Really???? And do you ever lie to get out of trouble?"
her - "Only to you."

now that, I believe....


Wien. said...

Cute. Don't you just love that honesty?

So, are you going to take out Suzie's mom?

Besides, rocks aren't dumb. They have to be pretty smart to figure out how to exist since the world was created.

cadbury_vw said...

as was said,

at least she's being honest about lying...

buddha_girl said...

I want to smack Suzie. Dirty little whore.