Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i got two words for ya


this week has been so utterly delicious with my girls back in school - 'cept for the part where they come home in the afternoons - oh, and the part where i have to get up at 5:45AM to get the little darlings dressed, fed, brushed and lunches packed - it has been so wonderful and my sanity is so close to returning - i am thinking boarding school might be the answer to all that ails me.

did you know that kindergarten has HOMEWORK? oh yes they do! OMG!

i'm only kidding about the boarding school. okay, i'm only half way kidding. alright, alright, i googled "boarding school austria" earlier today. they are not accepting precocious five year olds at the moment but i put her on the waiting list. oh, yes i did.

on a serious note, i met with sam's principal and teacher today. she is doing "fine" and i have been instructed to "quit worrying." okay. i'll try. but you'd make more progress converting billy graham to catholicism than to stop me from worrying. WHAT?! it's the truth. i am a mother. i worry. it's what we do.

and about my son. my perfect, precious son - the one who walks aroung 24/7 with his hand down the front of his diaper...
Yesterday i get him up from his nap. he is soaking wet. too much output for the diaper device.

so i say to him jokingly "SON! SOMEONE peed in your diaper!" he grins.
"Who peed in your diaper?!?" i ask.

His response - "Someone."

he's two - did i mention that? and perfect.

See for yourself ====>>>>>>

i guess i am back. school is in. life is good. i hate homework as much now as i did when i was the student. at least NOW i can threaten to write the teacher a note and tell her that daughter would not willingly participate in the homework process. THAT gets their attention.

for now...


Big Pissy said...

Your son is sooooooo cute!

I've been to Austria.

Your little princess will love it there! ;-)

KC said...

You sound happier! What a cute little guy you have there, t_cole!

bg's Little Sis said...

I love the boarding school idea, but with how we worry we'd check in ALL the time, and then the phone bills, whew, it's a toss up.

I agree on the homework, WTF, in Kindergarten, I was shocked myself. I remember coloring, cutting and pasting, and arguing with the girl that picked her nose and had pig tails, but NO homework.

You're little guy is great, I must agree that my son is perfect as well, thank HEAVEN for boys, they make having little girls doable, Loud Girl has been giving us such a time lately I want to pull my hair out, then my little Green Bean says, "momma, don't worry, she's just being her!"

So glad you're back!

Lots of love,

buddha_girl said...

That picture of your son is PRICELESS!

Boarding school. Hmm...perhaps I should consider teaching in such a place. Do you think they'd give me a cushy place to sleep? Someone might prepare my meals? Perhaps the school would have a free pool and work-out facilities.

Sounds good. Send ME!!!

Reg said...

Boarding in school in Austria! I love it! So would she probably!