Tuesday, April 25, 2006

er... Houston. I think we have a PROBLEM!

my last post - about my sweet, precious FIVE YEAR OLD daughter savvy. a few tongue in cheek tales of our recent experiences together. a semi-sweet recollection of her personality in action.

so i read it to her yesterday after school. she was slightly amused.

i read her the comments. especially the one from Buddha Girl's Lil Sis - the one about knowing a real life prince in Virginia. bad idea. very, VERY bad idea. we have created a monster. every word out of her mouth since has been about marrying a real life prince.

SHE: what's his name?
ME: who?
SHE: the prince in virginia?
ME: oh. his name is prince.
SHE: no, what's his real name - like eric or adam?
ME: i don't know - i will ask.
SHE: go ask your blog.
ME: yes, i will do that.
SHE: now!
(NOTE to lil sis - make up a name - ANY NAME!)

SHE: i don't want to wait till i grow up to get married.
ME: you have to wait. you don't know how to cook.
-- realization sets in. SOBBING (albeit pretend) --
-- ah ha moment --
SHE: i'll cook us peanut butter and jelly!
ME: you cannot feed a prince peanut butter and jelly all the time.
SHE: will you teach me how to cook?
ME: yes dear.
SHE: in the morning will you teach me how to cook breakfast?
ME: yes. but wait, we are out of eggs. oh no, what shall we do?
-- (me - emoting - something i am very good at!) --
SHE: that's okay - you can teach me how to cook cereal.
-- pause - take a breath --

SHE: i can't wait to get married when i am grown. what if he marries someone else.
ME: i will tell him NOT to marry someone else - that he has to wait on you.
SHE: what if he doesn't listen to you and marries someone else anyway? sniffle. pout.(as SHE does not listen to me - she knows it is very possible the prince will not listen to me either!)
ME: if he marries someone else, we will find you another prince.

SHE: MOM! sister wants to marry my prince!
ME: she can't marry your prince - she has to find her own prince.

SHE: i still want to get married now.
ME: you can't get married if you still wear a pull up to bed.
SHE: hmmm. i actually see a look on her face indicating i might have a point on this one.
( i see a serious methodology developing on the cessation of bed wetting - at least for one child!)

SHE: did you ask your blog what his name is?

Yep, we have a problem.


bg's Little Sis said...

The prince in question's first name is Alexander, very princely, his last name has 4 parts, it ends in deDubnic I think. He is much much older than savvy, he's about 40 years older to be exact, he is NOT currently married and I'm hoping he will be soon and make a son for her to marry! Next time I see him I'll inquire about relatives of a more appropriate age for Savvy and Sam, they still live in the "old country" and are part of the active Monarchy. So this Virginia prince certainly won't do for such a discerning young lady like yours, however, as I said, I will inquire as to other family that may be closer in age and willing to marry above their station to a the Princesa of Texas who is really a Mississippi Girl at heart. I'm sure that he'll blush and be flattered that someone with such broad ranging and gourmet cooking skills would be interested in a lowly prince like himself.

Lots of love,

t_cole said...

it's is all i can say. ( i am grinning from ear to ear at your depth of understanding in this situation!)

and you should warn Alexander (and the rest of his family) - Savvy is VERY VERY serious about this.
perhaps you could direct him to this site - oh no, that'd scare his royal blood right out of him...

i do - i love you!
Thanks so much!

E said...

Um, I'm still waiting for my Prince Charming too... anyone got one for me? And I'm sure I'd look great in a tiara.

T, so glad you're back and blogging. We missed you!!!


Catizhere said...

Maybe Alexander will marry E (of course she'd have to give up Train Guy....) & they can have twin boys one for Savvy & one for Maggie!!

t_cole said...

now that's a plan - 'cept we need triplets. don't forget Sam...
E - you up for marrying a prince and having triplet sons???

OMG - are we brilliant or what...

buddha_girl said...

Ahem...I know of a prince in Virginia as well. His name is Gabriel. That's all I'll say at this time. Lil Sis may just chime in on this one.

Nanna Lee said...

Are all the princes' living in Virginia??? Poor Savvy. Don't put Cendirella on... that will just convince her more that she will marry a prince! The Princess of TexMiss. You got your hands full with this one... all of them.

bg's Little Sis said...

Gabriel is a prince as well, but he's all mine! Quite the catch for any young girl, but this mamma bear will have to screen all possible princesses, I'm sure Savvy would pass with flying colors!

lots of love,

KC said...

This is one cute story. What a great kid you have!

buddha_girl said...

*adding fuel to the fire*

Check out my post about Emmy's birthday. That's Gabe's sister...Gabe's in the picture. G'head. I dare ya to show him to Sav!

t_cole said...

i get the feeling that you are NOT trying to help me here...

KC - yep, she's pretty great - when she's not making me batty...

E said...

OK,OK, I would be willing to marry a Prince and produce offspring for your kids. And who says I don't care about the youth of America!!

t_cole said...

e- you are killing me over here with your magnanamous offer of peace and good will on behalf of our children...

Big Pissy said...

I'm just so proud of the lil princess for knowing EXACTLY what she wants at such a young age! ;-)

t_cole said...

pissy - not only does she know WHAT she wants - she has the wherewithall to bug the p-snot out of her mother till she gets it...