Thursday, February 22, 2007

i know i know i know

i know it is past time for me to pick my lousy butt up and move on.
to stop feeling sorry for my pitiful self and make some decisions and get on with my fantastic life. i know.

but i just can't seem to get moving. unless you count sliding down hill.
that seems to be the only motion i got going nowadays.

this morning i got my meds and my daughter's meds out of a Ziploc bag. we almost match pill for pill.
her adhd and bipolar and allergy pills.
my depression, anxiety, bipolar depression and allergy pills.
at least it is all in the family.
how pathetic is that... don't answer that. do not do it.

i have now been without a full time baby sitter/housekeeper since Thanksgiving weekend. My parents helped this past month and if they had not, i would be in the loony bin at this moment.

my in-laws help EVERY week. God Bless Them!

i have advertised in the local papers, on Craig's List, taken fliers to churches and schools. nothing. nada. zippo. i am beginning to think my ex-babysitter has black balled me in my little country community. (not really)

i am currently considering applying for an au pair. a young woman from another country that comes and lives with you in your home for a year, helps with your kids and attends a local college for 6 credit hours a year. Been looking at a couple different au pair agencies.

anyone out there got any experience with these programs? know anyone that does? looking for some first hand references from families that have done this. sure would appreciate any feedback you have on this idea.

in the mean time - whilst i await your enlightened direction - methinks i shall continue my current endeavors.





Anonymous said...

I like your plan, "EAT, DRINK, SLEEP", me too but not so much eat, it's more like grab and go:)

On the Aupair thing, I know a few folks who have done this, I'll ask what service(s) they've used. None of them have had a bad experience really. One had a young lady who liked her "nights out" on occaision but it didn't interfere with her job, and I think sometimes folks forget they are "college kids"; her children loved her and so did the family, but they had to get through a few bumps in the beginning.

I'll let you know what they tell me if I hear back from them. Both are in New York, so not here where I am.

Like you said, keep on keeping on:)

Lots of love,

t_cole said...

that info would be great!

cadbury_vw said...





hopefully to someday


Big Pissy said...

I don't know anyone who has had an au pair.

I sincerely hope it works out for you.

If I lived closer, I help you out. :)


buddha_girl said...

I know my sis will help you on this one. Perhaps someone who's from outside of your teeny place would be a great choice.

Take care of YOU. No one else will until you show how important you are to yourself. Too many people see self-care as self-centered. It's not. It's called self-preservation.

Much love to you!