Wednesday, May 23, 2007

falling apart...

am i really this old?
old enough for my body (and mind) to be failing me so?

SPOILER: the following entry contains a serious dose of whining and semi-graphic medical info.

my stomach is torn up from all the meds i have been taking over the past month. starting with the antibiotic and pain pills when they started my root canal. have been in the bathroom no less than 24 times so far this morning.

speaking of antibiotics, my body has done what most female bodies do when they take a variety of antibiotics over a month's period. yeah, that uh, infection. down there. CRIPES!

had my root canal/crown finished up yesterday. my right jaw is sore up to my ear. not about to take anything for it as i don't want to upset my stomach any further.

had to take my son with me to the dentist yesterday. no where else to put him. so the staff gave him crayons and paper to play with while i was being drilled and beat upon. he doesn't like paper so much. he much prefers to use crayons and permanent markers on walls. especially if those walls are not mine and are covered with expensive looking wallpaper.

so after all the trauma of the mouth work, i had to run down the road to the grocery, get one of those Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge things (that REALLY do work) and go back and rid the wall of my son's art work. how humiliating.

started a huge test plan yesterday at work that i am dreadfully behind on. got about 1/3 of the way through it. only to find out this morning that i was in the wrong environment. back to square one. stupid, t_cole. really stupid.

if i were a horse, a responsible cowboy would take me out back and shoot me.
know any responsible cowboys?


buddha_girl said...

You're life is hell these days. I got nothing but am sending all the good energy and prayers possible!

Anonymous said...

I hope things settle for you soon, you deserve a breather...or a really good spa visit!

Lots of love,

Reg said...

No shooting horses!!! You're coping very well and you're a damn fine mother for cleaning up after your son. Most parents would just ignore the mess and leave it to someone else. BELIEVE ME, I know. I see it every single day that I work. You'll pull through this. When does your last child turn 18? :)

t_cole said...

thanks Reg. I needed to hear that.
15 years. 15 very long years...

cadbury_vw said...

i'm feeling for you

a lot