Tuesday, May 15, 2007

to further prove my point

after my last post - within 30 minutes - i hopped in my van and headed off to jury duty.
before i was a mile away from my home...

Huge Honking Nail - dare i say SPIKE - in my right rear tire.

I was dropping my son off at my friend's house.
Her hubby is the new preacher at our church.
She wakes him up to come help me change the flat.

THANK GOD! no pun intended.
(note to self - be a preacher in next life - they get to sleep-in on school days.)

I tell him, as he walks out - "I am a died-in-the-wool Drama Queen and you just need to know - Preacher or not - you are likely to hear some colorful language in the next 15 minutes."

to my recollection - i only uttered one four letter word. Hell.
He's heard that one before.


Reg said...

Only hell? Wow you must be mellowing out some....

Big Pissy said...

You showed amazing restraint.

Anonymous said...


You are so damn funny! I agree what restraint you showed, I'd of been confused for a long shoreman all the 4 letter words I'd have been uttering with a flat tire, good for you woman!

-Lots of love, lil'sis

t_cole said...

i confess - the restrait shown was painful. I mean, DAMN, i had grass stains on my effing slacks.