Friday, June 08, 2007

this is going to get me in so much trouble...

but i must write about it anyway.

my family (in-laws) own 8 Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS).
two of these PSLs belong to hubby and me.
so we are obligated to buy two season tickets each year.
last year we sold the entire season - for all eight seats - on ebay.

this year, no such luck. not on ebay or craig's list. dammit. dammit. dammit.

so tonight, i am going to TMS to "enjoy" the NASCAR truck race with my hubby, pa-in-law and my two young children. maybe a brother-in-law and few young cousins sprinkled in as well.

neither of my two children have been to the races before. odds are at least one - maybe both of them - will HATE it.

it's an hour and a half drive one-way to the track.

and how do i feel about this upcoming family adventure?

i'd rather watch paint dry.
whilst having my toe nails pulled out slowly.
one by one.
and listening to Barney sing "I Love You"

and then we get to go back tomorrow night for more.

i can't stand having this much fun in one weekend.
it's killing me


MistaBone said...

Hey! Thank you for letting me know you're still there. I pretty much quit blogging because I've been busy as hell, and because I believed it was going unnoticed. As much as I know I write only for myself, If no one reads it it feels like I'm talking to myself, and last I checked that was not good practice.
I truly sympathize with your predicament, I have been outcast from my family during race season... Something about the phrase "C'mon, don't you know NASCAR is for people who can't SPELL Automobile?"
I don't advise repeating it, Got me in a LOT of trouble.
I bid you good luck, I'm with you in spirit...

P/S, I hadn't signed on in so long I forgot my password and had to go through several hoops to send this, I guess I better get back into it, huh?

Paul Joe said...

Hmmmmm! sometimes we have to go through the motinons of familyhood!!