Tuesday, July 31, 2007

katrina. two years and counting...

two years ago today my family was digging out from under. literally.
and my husband was cutting his way to them. literally.

two years.

i started this blog because of Katrina. when the storm hit that day, i could get no news on the areas nearest my family - south mississippi.

i had heard of blogs. never really read one - but knew the concept. so i googled "Katrina Blog" and found this - Eye of the Storm. two invinceable young guys - newspaper reporters - from south mississippi that were staying behind to cover the storm. neither were native mississippians. and both were entirely too young to remember camille and to know staying behind - by choice - was foolhearty.

they started their blog as kinda a lark. not really thinking they would be putting their lives on the line within the first 24 hours after starting it. or that they would have to go without - a lot - for months afterwards.

you can read the progression of their perception of the storm and her aftermath. i have gone back to the beginning a few times and re-read it. they don't post anymore. but their journal of what happened to them and around them is raw, real, humorous, reverent, crass, and at times excruciatingly painful to read.

especially for those of us with roots in and ties to mississippi.

my mississippi
she's still rebuilding.
there's still so much to do

two years and counting


buddha_girl said...

The fucking aftermath of Katrina still haunts me after not only reading your blog but also hearing first-hand accounts from my brother-in-law who's a firefighter and a member of a FEMA response team that was sent from Virginia to Mississippi right after the storm hit.

The stories he told put the "professional" big-news stations to shame. So much wasn't told about the early times and so much will never be documented now that it's not an "important news story" to the bigwigs who are in charge.

Here's to you, your family, and everyone else still rebuilding, both literally and figuratively down in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Big Pissy said...

Hard to believe it's been two years....

~d said...

Times-Picayune this site is the best one I have seen as far as showing a timeline for the flooding...and showing how MUCH (was) destroyed.