Friday, December 23, 2005

Blog Housekeeping

I have given my blog address out to numerous friends and family members over the past few months. I know you are out there and occasionally check in - as I get your emails and some of you tell me in person you are reading.

And I know some of you are not Web Warriors and in fact, my blog might be your very first venture into the Blogosphere...

So to help you feel welcome - here's some things you should know.

Why I Blog...
1. It's the cheapest form of therapy I have found
2. I want to write a book one day and this is good practice
3. There is no way I am going to remember all the stuff that happens day in and day out with my kids so this is a pretty decent way to record it
4. It allows me to communicate with friends and family - and they (You) can choose how much or how little you wish to know of us and our lives.

How all this started for me...
In the first hours Post-Katrina, it was almost impossible to get news out of South Mississippi. I was Google-ing like a fool trying to find out what was going on. I had heard of blogs - but never read one. So for some reason, it occurred to me to use the word 'blog' in my search criteria. I tripped on a few and then found one by these two guys out of Gulfport. Their blog - Eye of the Storm, kept me informed, SANE and entertained. I got stuff from them the national news was not covering. after a few weeks of reading their stuff, I had the realization that this was something I might like to do - start my own blog. So I did. And here we are.

How you can communicate with me DIRECTLY on my blog...
Most of the folks I know personally that read my blog either email me or tell me in person when they have enjoyed something they saw out here. But there is a more immediate way to communicate with me. You can leave a comment on any entry. At the end of each entry, there is a link. It says "Comments." Click on this and you will be taken to a new window where you can tell me whatever is on your mind. BUT REMEMBER, this is a public site. Please do not use my first name out here. Do not put your email address out here. If you want me to know who you are, use your initials or some other form of id we both know. If you don't have a blog linked to your name - it is usually ok to use just your first or last name.

Comments are an open dialog - so if you leave some - check back for my (or other bloggers') response.

You can also email any of my log entries to someone. There is a link for this as well - directly to the right of the Comments Link.

How you can read my old posts...
This blog was started back in August 2005. However, the main page does not show all postings back to the beginning. If you'd like to check these out, use the links to the left entitled "OLD RANTINGS."

What are these other blogs I link to?
On the left side of my blog, you also see a heading for "Blogs and Spaces that Suck Me In." These are other blogs I have come across that for one reason or another I like and/or relate to. Some of them make me cry. Some I hoot and holler with. The first one is the one I found post-Katrina. Feel free to visit any of these blogs and enjoy them as I do. Let me know what you think about them.

What else? I guess that about wraps it up. If you have any other questions, just leave them in the comments section.

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