Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i went to the animal fair

truthfully, i went to the State Fair of Texas.

and i met brutus.

i am posting this picture for my friend, scarlett wanna be

she needs a pick-me-up today. and the other day when i met brutus at the Texas State Fair, i immediately thought of my new blogger bud, Scarlett WB.

um, ms scarlett - i don't think there's any mistaking the anatomy here...

whadaya say?

and you know what they say (and apparently there's some truth to it) EVERY THING'S BIGGER IN TEXAS!


Wien. said...

A wonderful name for a man-pig! My Brutus only wishes his were so... Texas-ish!

Anonymous said...

Good Lawd! Brutus has a lot to offer a little lady, move over Wilbur!

Big Pissy said...

Good God Almighty!!!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

How have I gone so long without seeing this? Curse Oklahoma and my being away from a computer for so long! I have never received such a high complement as to have someone actually take pictures of an animals scrotum for me. I can't even express how much it means to me that you would do that.

Now to Brutus...yikes!!! and yikes again!!! I can only imagine that everyone must laugh and stare at him when we walks by. I mean, I have met a few sheep that would be highly jealous of Brutus. Wow!!!

Thanks for posting this, I think I will visit it every time I feel blue, I also think I am going to have to link is too fabulous not to share.